Saturday, 27 October 2012

North Melbourne: Elceed; CBD: Cupcake Central

North Melbourne, ELCEED - Taken By, 12 Oct 2012
Yoooooza~ Urghh, been so packed with doing my Taxation law the past week and nothing else, life's been better this semester as i learned how to give myself a breather between studies. Anyhoo! I've been to Twenty & Six a couple of times and having always chancing upon Elceed just down the street on Queensberry. No time to waste, pictures does it all!


Mushroom Brushchetta with Meredith's Goat's Cheese Feta 
Special of the Day: Smokin' Eggs, Poached on Sourdough with Roasted Tomato, Fresh Proscuitto, topped with Smokey Harrisa Hollaindaise 
Corn Fritters with Avacado, Sour Cream, Salsa, Rocket and Pesto with Smoke Salmon
Food was ALL So Good, especially the Smokey Harrisa Hollaindaise Sauce! It's sets the dish out of ordinary as we're all so used to the thick, yellow, buttery Hollaindaise. This gives it a little "mexican" feel, which is somewhat unique and special. Hrmmmm :) 

I cleared up my Mushroom Brushchetta within seconds! Well, not that fast, at least finishing up my food is one handy skill i can never maintain, having been a very picky eater all these time. I topped a poached egg with it as i love my soursough dipped in the yolk ^^ 

Corn Fritters was good too! It wasn't too starchy as compared to some other rivalry breakfast places I've been to, and to my memory ... (Rewinding to 12 Oct, approx 3 weeks back) there was a tinge of spice in the batter! So it wasn't just made of plain dry batter, just so you won't get sick of the taste yea? Yes, good at every bite :D 


And now forwarding back to Week 12 in school, it's the last week of my University life! As a student!
No matter how much I used to complain and rant to my friends, how tired i am studying this totally insane and hardcore course, it's all finally coming to an end. I was so touched when my Audit Lecturer put up a slide and giving us well-wishing for our future endeavors as we embark on our first step in contributing to the society. Sounding a tat too heroic but it's kinda the start to a mundane working life. Before i can officially proclaim myself to be a Graduate, i need to scrap through (NO, i need a better work), i need to Ace this final year exam before anything goes forth. 

that doesn't stop me from heading out and getting good meals as and when i can afford to ^^ 


Just to chuck in a little more something, I've been introduced to Plantation Coffee just up on Level 1 in Melbourne Central and across the area sits Cupcake Central! I've never been a big fan of Cupcake but hehehe, THIS! IS! DA! BOMB! I've been out grabbing these little wonders so often, my wallet's burning a hole halfway down. I love the Green Tea Redbean cupcake! COOKIE DOUGH topping the list! Vanilla with flowy custard! And And... ALL the vanilla base cupcakes! OhmNomNom :D PassionFruit is aweeeesome too! 

Aight! Time off, hitting the gym now :D Ciaos love.

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